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I laughed. I Sneezed. Oh Gosh I Peed!

When did laughing become so dangerous? Sometimes all it takes is a little chuckle. Maybe you’re dancing; maybe you’re out on the town with some friends and having the time of your life. You start telling that amazing joke you’ve been practicing all week when suddenly, right at the punch line, you feel it. That leak from the worst place possible. And suddenly you’re the only one in the crowd who doesn’t find the joke so funny.

Or maybe you’re at an important meeting at work, one you’ve been trying to set up for months. Your boss is watching your reactions out of the corner of his eye but, hey, no worries! You’ve got this! And just as you’re about to seal the biggest merger of your life your boss starts to pour a cup of coffee. Ahhh, wouldn’t it feel so good to just go right now

And everyone is watching you with shock as you jump, run, and dance down the hall like a lobster trying not to hit the water in the pot.

Stress Incontinence and Urge Incontinence

You can rest easy, though, knowing that you’re not alone. Stress Incontinence and Urge Incontinence are more common than you’d think and definitely treatable.  Around 20 million women and 6 million men have suffered from that tickle trickle. There may even be more but it’s such a hard thing to study because it’s tough to admit that you pee when you sneeze or you leak when you cough.

And no, you’re not going through a natural part of aging. You don’t have to put a down payment on that nursing home just yet. There are many different causes of incontinence, some as simple as a handshake. You definitely don’t have to go through your life worrying about every laugh, scare and smile that comes about.

There are plenty of options for you in terms of noninvasive diagnosis and treatment. Pinpointing what type of incontinence you have is important so you can get the ball rolling and stand proud at those meetings again! All it takes is a trip to your doctor and the brutally honest truth: “Doctor. I think I may have told a joke so funny that I broke my body.”

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Devid Levis
Devid Levis

Overflow Incontinence is experienced when the bladder does not empty out completely and becomes stretched with a large volume of urine. The urine has no other option but to leak out  of the overstretched bladder. Another cause of overflow Incontinence is that the bladder has lost its contractile power and cannot efficiently squeeze out the urine .


I have had issues with this ever since I had kids. It hasn't been too serious, but I would like to finally get some treatment for it. I am going to start seeing a urologist to see if there is anything I can do to strengthen my bladder.