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All Things Falling Out or When The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Before I go on, I should make one thing clear:

Being a woman is amazing.

There are some days when it’s like a feel-good tampon commercial. The wind blows the right way, the sun shines down ever-so-slightly on your skin. You get the added bonus of always being right (even when you’re wrong), and the knowledge that you help the world go round.

I’m assuming it’s like that for every woman, at least.

In all seriousness, there are many things to smile about in the world of womanhood. At the same time, there are some downsides, and some downsides come with a lot of baggage.

The miracle of childbirth can be both a blessing and a curse. Not every woman snaps back from having a baby as if the little guy or girl had never been there. Sometimes there are complications that regular kegels just can’t ease. Vaginal relaxation is one of those complications, and it can put a continuing damper on your quality of life.

Vaginal relaxation is when the supporting muscles and tissue inside the vagina weaken. It can cause such discomforts as the bladder protruding into the vagina, the rectum bulging out, and even the uterus, vagina, and small bowel being misplaced and sliding down. It can cause pain or discomfort during sex, as well as difficulty with basic bathroom functions. It’s as much of a horror story as it seems, and it has caused countless women to go through depression, low self-esteem, and decreased sexual drives.

Childbearing is not the only culprit of vaginal relaxation. It can be caused by hormone deficiency, obesity, natural aging and more. No matter the cause, it can put a continuing damper on your quality of life. Women experience insecurity, depression, and negative thoughts about their appearance because of vaginal relaxation, and it’s definitely a serious concern.

I, of course, didn’t start this blog without a solution: Vaginal Rejuvenation.

While any surgery can be a huge decision, Vaginal Rejuvenation has the power to rebuild confidence and self-esteem from scratch. An aspect that a lot of people look over when considering the surgery is the effectiveness of tightening the vaginal area. For those who have troubles with their bowels, it’s a matter of public comfort as well as hygiene. It can literally uplift you, giving you better sexual pleasure and less concern over humiliating accidents.

Being a mother, aging, or being overweight shouldn’t be a death sentence for your self-esteem. When you’re feeling down and out (literally), Vaginal Rejuvenation can be a huge boost. Remember, you make the world go ‘round: enjoy your womanhood with your head, shoulders, and everything else held high (and in place).